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ACTION ALERT: Stop wild horses from going to slaughter by BLM!

Posted by on September 29, 2012

ACTION: Stop wild horses from going to slaughter


Wild horse in holding




What many have long feared has now been confirmed. The Public has long suspected that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been slipping horses “out the back door” to slaughter. We now have proof of this very ugly truth. In the last 4 years BLM, under the Department of the Interior (DOI) sold at least 1700 Federally Protected Wild Horses to one man, knowing that there was a high likelihood of them shipping to slaughter brutally in Mexican slaughter houses. BLM actively solicited the sales, including free transport to the kill buyer.

Link to the sad truth:


It is time to repeal the Burns amendment that allowed this to happen.

It is time for a full investigation and for those who are responsible for this to be held accountable.


You can take action.

CALL, EMAIL, WRITE! Do it now, do it every day until we get the needed reforms.

COPY AND PASTE ***THE LETTER BELOW*** AND EMAIL IT (better yet, write your own) and send to all the below Federal Agencies and your own Senators and Congressmen;


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Phone: (202) 324-3000

Address: 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC 20535


Department of Justice

Phone: 202-353-1555

Address:  950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC 20530-0001


Darrell Issa, Chairmen of the Congressional Committee on Government Oversight and Reform

Phone: (202) 225-5074

Fax: (202) 225-3974

Address: 2157 Rayburn House Office Building Washington DC 20515


The President

Phone: (202) 456-1111

Address: The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC 20500


Your Congressman and Senators can be located here



Federal Officials,

At least 1700 of our federally protected (protected from death in the Act) wild horses were sold by the Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) in the last few years to one man and ended up brutally slaughtered for human consumption in Mexican slaughter houses. Not only were they sold to slaughter, the BLM actively solicited the sales and provided free transport to the slaughter buyer.

This was done even though the congressional funding for the Wild horse Program currently contains a provision barring BLM from selling them into slaughter. BLM states repeatedly and emphatically that they do not sell to slaughter or sell to those who will sell to slaughter. Public trust has been seriously violated.

Here are just two of the many Statements from the BLM that they do not sell to slaughter~

1.     Joan Guilfoyle, division chief for the Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse and burro program. August, 2011. “The mission is for wild free-roaming horses and burros to be a continuing living legacy of the American heritage.” She added that BLM sells horses only to those who have “pledged” to treat them humanely and not sell them for slaughter. “As a matter of fact, BLM prosecutes people who do that,”

2.    Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey, January, 2011. “They’re part of our nation’s heritage, and they need to be protected. We are not entertaining the use of slaughterhouses or selling horses for slaughter at all. Secretary Salazar and I have consistently stated since taking on our current roles that we do not support, nor are we willing to incorporate into any wild horse or burro strategy, that we pursue the euthanasia of healthy wild horses and the unlimited sale of older horses. Having taken the position that slaughter is not a viable or acceptable management option for America’s wild horses or burros which are removed from BLM managed land, then we must be willing to pursue other alternatives that address the challenges we have when managing wild horses and burros.”

Congress passed the Free-roaming wild Horse and Burro Act to prevent these very types of abuses to wild horses at the requests of many Americans to preserve and protect, not slaughter. The slaughter of wild horses allowed by BLM is a complete breech of the public trust. Slaughter sale was never the intent of the Act passed by congress backed by the American people. This is a crushing outrage to those of us who believe in our government and freedom. It is not possible that BLM and the Department of the Interior (DOI) did not know where these horses were going; they simply turned a blind eye.

It is time and the public expects a full and thorough investigation into this matter, where the orders to sell came from, who is responsible for the sales and hold all those responsible for slaughter sale our wild horses fully accountable. Secondly we must repeal the amendment (Burns Amendment), the law that allowed this to happen. The Burn’s amendment, a potentially illegal and unconstitutional amendment, that was slipped in late in the night before a recess as a rider to an Omnibus Spending Bill, without the knowledge of Congress and with no chance for debate our public comment. This outrage MUST BE REPEALED.

These are America’s horses, and all too often the government has forgotten that they are simply “representatives” for the people, Americans do not want wild horses brutally slaughtered.

In these hard times, remember us, Middle America, the lands and the wild horse we own. These horses represent how America was built, the rugged tenacity of the people of our nation. In these difficult times Americans need something to feel good about. Fully investigate this tragedy and repeal the “Burns amendment” that has allowed this to happen and restore the original intent of the Wild Free roaming Horse and Burro Act.





How this wild Horse slaughter issue came to light.

Stone Cabin roundup, February 2012; Reporter Dave Phillips meets with Laura Leigh to discuss the wild horse situation. Philips and Leigh discussed many aspects of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro program, spending hours together. Leigh explained that we suspected (based on things she had heard and witnessed) that wild horses were being sold off to slaughter and to get to the truth he needed to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act request) the “bulk sales receipts” of wild horses sold by BLM. Dave Phillips pursued that and was quite shocked at what he received in the FOIA requests. This confirmation spurred him on to pursue the investigation further.

Wild Horse Education, in concert with Philips, has been assisting the gathering of information for the article to shed light on this tragedy.

Transparency is crucial for the horse’s safety. BLM has never disclosed to the public in any transparent way, where all the horses are, where they have gone, and what has happened to them.

Wild Horse Education’s ongoing “First Amendment” law suit calls for “FULL DISCLOSURE” of “ALL” the horses and burros “from the range through to their ultimate destination”. The public MUST be allowed to KNOW.


Please support us in our efforts to make the world a better place for wild Horses and Burros.


see more about wild horses at

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