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ACTION ALERT: Contact Mr. Trump now to save our wild horses and burros

Posted by on November 17, 2016

ACTION ALERT: Contact Mr. Trump now before it is too late to save our wild horses and burros.

Dear Mr. Trump, I am a wild horse advocate in NH. I am praying that you have a big heart for animals and that you will use your new power to protect America’s iconic wild mustangs and burros from the slaughterhouse pipeline so they will always be allowed to live free with their families in viable herds on public lands forever, as the law Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act provides, so that future generations can see them in the wild and not just on TV or at the movies. Please act swiftly to voice your belief that my American mustangs are protected before it is too late. So many animals and animal species around the world are being hunted and exterminated. Please save the wild horses that I love with all my heart and make the BLM always protect them and manage our public lands with the safety of the wild horses and burros in mind. Save them from the onslaught of the hungry oil, gas, mining and cattle ranchers from gobbling up our public lands. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. They must not be sterilized, sent to the slaughterhouse pipeline or killbuyers or inhumanely treated. Please stop the cruel and deadly helicopter roundups. Stop money from ruling the use of public lands. Please protect the wild mustangs and burros so they can successfully survive in numbers that are healthy and viable herds. Do not let the welfare cattle people take over all of the grazing land and water supplies. Do not push the pipeline and gas fracking throughout America’s pristine public lands just for greed and MONEY. Save the mustangs and the planet for your grandchildren to know your legacy will be a great one and not all about money. Please learn from the Native Americans that the land is indeed a sacred place and that it is so worth protecting. Leave this earth with a great footprint that future generations will be proud to say that President Trump was like Ted Roosevelt and saved the public lands and the wild horses and burros for future generations. Thank you for your time and great efforts to protect America. Prove that the TRUMP Story does not need to be all about Money. Sincerely, Denise Brown, thank you Learn more about America’s wild mustangs today at

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